24/7 Toll Free Drug Abuse Hotline

Drug abuse and addiction is a serious

matter. Luckily, there are many drug abuse

hotlines available/substance abuse hotlines

that can help, including our 24-hour drug

helpline. Calling a drug abuse hotline or

substance abuse hotline is often the first

step toward recovery for many individuals.

If you or someone you are assisting is

experiencing a life-threatening situation,

immediately dial 9-1-1.

When I Call a Substance Abuse Hotline, Is the Conversation Confidential?

When you call our drug crisis hotline/addiction help hotline, yes, the conversation is 100% confidential. If you’re calling a regional, local, or national drug addiction hotline, check their confidentiality policy before calling, if privacy is a concern for you.

What Kind of Questions Will They Ask When I Call a Drug Addiction Hotline Number?

The questions that a drug addiction hotline will ask will vary. When calling our 24-hour addiction helpline you will be asked:

-->That the individual is safe (not in a life-threatening situation)

-->What type of addiction the individual is struggling with (does the addiction include a drug, multiple drugs, alcohol, an eating disorder, mental health, etc.)

-->If the individual is ready to start treatment for their addiction

-->If the treatment options we provide can meet the needs of the individual and their family

Can I Start the Rehab, Detox or Recovery Process When I Call?

The purpose of our drug help hotline is to find a thoughtful approach to recovery through our programs and services. So if you call our drug helpline, the answer is an emphatic “Yes”! You can certainly start your rehab, detox, or recovery process at the time of your call. The national hotlines below assist in understanding the situation and determining what help they can offer as well as where they can direct those in need to get proper treatment.